The Exodus Generation

For millennia migration has been an economic, social and political effect that has prevailed in human civilization. This phenomenon has occurred mainly because many people who were born and raised in a certain country, given the circumstances and the political, social and economic situation adverse to their interests, have been forced to have to leave their nation in search of better and greater opportunities elsewhere on the planet.

In humanity different great migrations had shaped the world to a certain extent as it is now. Without the aforementioned, many of the regions would not have achieved their characteristic positioning that has determined their progress in a globalized world mired in high competition between nations and continents. One of the best “investments” made by these developed countries has been the attraction of qualified human capital from less developed countries that has driven a continuous improvement of the financial and economic operation itself in exchange for a safe place full of job opportunities to develop, grow and “establish roots”. In that sense and taking Ecuador as an example, despite the fact that it is a country that has many advantages over other countries in the region, it has not been able to take advantage of all its economic, political and social wealth in an inclusive way to try to form a one of the best Latin American societies of all time and thus little by little let the “brain drain of young generations” become a phenomenon that affects the future of the country.

In this way speaking of Ecuador, despite the fact that it is a culturally extraordinary country, its language, its origins, all its institutions have been for many years a South American reference and I personally think that it has not reached even a quarter of the potential to that could have come. Likewise, its ability to stand up to different economic and social phenomena, including radical dollarization, have shown that it is a struggling and prosperous country.

On the other hand, one of the great existing problems refers to the classification as a country with an exclusive culture and society where many times people live for what they have and not for what they really are. In this regard, there is a monumental social gap that many of the governments, in their eagerness to stop this phenomenon, ended up falling into the same path, leaving the country in an unprecedented economic crisis. In other words, corruption and robbery were institutionalized so that people in jail shackles come to occupy public offices nowadays. This situation causes a lot of anguish because despite the fact that many people from the new generations seek different ways to contribute to trying to move the country forward, they do not always succeed and prefer to join the great collective mass or simply interfere with the rest of the population with eagerness, but without a proper quorum.

One of the branches in which Ecuador can be highly competitive against the region and the world, refers to the agricultural and productive issue. This country is a territory with so many agroclimatic advantages; being able to produce constantly throughout the year, without adverse winter climates or summers and in 4 regions where each one contributes unique organoleptic qualities with denominative origin to everything that can be sown and harvested. In this sense, a dignification of agriculture and specially the primary worker is required. Moreover, providing tools, facilities, training and delivery of their products to international markets with added value and export quality are some of the ways to contribute to the improvement of the panorama of a large part of Ecuadorians who are dedicated to these activities and that Ecuador par excellence It is called to be one of the great regional and world powers in this branch.

On the other hand, getting into the social issue; Ecuador par excellence needs an inclusive society where equality and respect among all citizens prevail. A radical change is required, a change not only political but also a social change in which elites and elitist societies stop ruling under their own interests, an egalitarian society in which the mestizo is the same as the white, the black, the Castizo, the Indian, a society that provides equal opportunities for all citizens and that severely punishes people who do not want to belong to it and who want to take advantage of it for their own interests. Thus. a society that has progress as its ideological mentality and that has honesty and transparency as its bases that are now too much lacking in Latin American institutions, which have often been marked by corruption, lies and theft.Then, what is this Exodus generation? This is a generation that has had to endure crisis, dollarization, these are people who have expressed their interest in social and economic change from an intellectual perspective and who have seen how many of the countries of the continent have achieved it with great effort, courage and above all with the conviction that change will one day lead them to a globalized approach in which social and economic trends not only benefit a few, but also the entire population of a country in general; seen everything as a single set. We are saddened to say that we are from the exodus generation; generation of which today I belong, seeking economic stability and a better future. I do not want to be part of the generation of 21st century socialism that has brought down the new generations. These new generations possess ideas of progress and have extensive potential to achieve it, however; the current situation has not allowed the establishment of a society in Ecuador in which knowledge, honesty and the culturality of united people prevail.

In the same way, the equality that is talked about so much should be obtained with thoughts, with deeds, with words, with actions, which many times it is not possible to obtain given the scarce freedom and the scarce rule of law with which there is in the country.

We look forward to one day being able to return to Ecuador with all the desire we had when we left and to be able to deliver to the country all the potential and experience acquired that this time in "exile" can grant us.



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